Tips to Cool Down Your Home This Summer

It’s hot out there this summer – REALLY hot. It’s hard to find a place to cool down some days. Some days even your air conditioned home may not feel all that cool. You might wonder if there was something you can do to make your air conditioner run better and effectively cool your house. Here are some useful tips to bring down the temperature in your home this summer:

  1. Try to keep from using all your heat-generating appliances until evening when the sun has gone down. This includes using the oven, stove, dishwasher, and clothes dryer.
  2. Keep your windows and doors closed during the day. It is most likely warmer outside than it is in your home, so make sure you keep that heat out there instead of inside. Just like Mom used to say, “We’re not cooling the outside! Close the door!”
  3. Use darkening blinds or shades on your windows and keep them drawn during the day to keep out the hot sunlight.
  4. Use a ventilation fan to get hot air out of your home. There are window versions or you can have one installed in your attic.
  5. Install ceiling fans to increase the air flow in your home. Even warm air feels cooler when it is moving.
  6. Provide shade for your air conditioning unit, whether it’s a window unit or the outside compressor portion of your central air unit. This will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Following these little bits of advice can hopefully give you some respite from the heat this summer. Nothing beats coming home from sitting in traffic after a hot day at work to a wonderfully cool house. Grab yourself a cold drink, throw on some breathable natural fabrics, and relax in your nice cool living room.