Sunburn On Your Cycle

Riding your motorcycle on these hot summer days might be a good way to cool off. The constant breeze on your skin might help cut the heat just enough to get you through the long hot days. You might be tempted to ride with less clothing to cool off even more. It is not recommended to leave much of your skin uncovered in case of an accident. But make sure the skin you do have exposed is well protected fro the sun.

You may think it’s not necessary to wear sunscreen when you are on your motorcycle. You are always moving, so the sun can’t catch you, right? Wrong. If you are over 21 and have a standard Florida motorcycle license, you are allowed to ride your motorcycle without a helmet in Florida. While it is recommended that you do wear a helmet, if you decide against it don’t forget to load up your noggin with some sunscreen.

Your arms will most likely be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, so load it on thick. Don’t forget the tops of your hands, either. Even if you are wearing gloves, cover any spots that may let sun in, like knuckle holes

You my not realize it, but when you are riding your clothes will blow around a bit. Your lower back can become exposed to the sun even if you don’t notice it. There have been several times when riding down the highway motorcyclists have been spotted with their shirts blowing up and their backs showing. Make sure you hit that spot with some sunscreen, too.

If you plan on riding a while, bring the sunscreen with you to reapply frequently. Sweat can cause your sunscreen to become less effective in a shorter period of time than normal. Keep yourself protected out there on the road.