Motorcycle First Aid Kit

Riding a motorcycle brings to mind a carefree open-air experience that might make you feel like you’ve left the confines of the real world and entered some magical place where nothing matters other than the wind on your face and the open road ahead of you.  The last thing you might be thinking about is an accident.  It would be terrible to be abruptly stripped from your carefree world because of something going wrong with your bike.  If something does go wrong and you find yourself involved in an accident, it will help to be prepared.

You may not have a large area to store things on your bike, so make sure you use the storage for something worthwhile: a first aid kit.  You can always purchase one that is already filled with plenty of emergency supplies, but making up one of your own isn’t too hard.  A few basic things that you might want to consider adding to your motorcycle first aid kit are:  an Ace bandage, assorted bandages, betadine, burn ointment, CPR mask, assorted dressings, eye drops, gauze, Antacids, scissors, cotton swabs, surgical gloves, non-stick sterile pads, tweezers and a watertight/airtight container to store them all in.

Of course, you can add several other things to your kit that you think you might need.  Also, be sure to ride with a cell phone in case of an emergency.  You will want to have the ability to call for help. A flashlight is also another necessity.  If you find yourself in the dark, it will certainly help to have that light available.

Just a little bit of foresight can help make your bike trip all that more enjoyable.  Get yourself a first aid kit for that bike.  Have a great time out there on Florida’s highways and byways.  And by all means, stay safe!