Insuring Your Golf Cart

Do you own a golf cart? A lot of Florida communities have golf cart paths where you can drive your golf cart instead of your car to your friend’s house. It’s very convenient and let’s face it- fun! But what happens if you get into an accident? Your homeowners policy might not cover it. Contact your Florida insurance agency about getting some golf cart insurance.

Having coverage for your golf cart can definitely help if you get into an accident. Your homeowners insurance will cover you if you are in your own property, but how often do you drive around your own property? If you are out visiting friends or just driving to the community market, you will need additional coverage. If you get into an unexpected accident, you don’t want to be left paying the bill out of your pocket.

Much like having car insurance, your golf cart insurance will cover you for damages to your cart, damage to other people’s property and accidents involving other people. You just have to make sure you purchase the right policy to protect you. You can usually get a policy for a specific season, or you can purchase an annual policy to cover you year round.

Driving a golf cart was once a novelty – something you only did at the rare occasion you got to spend a day at the golf course. Now it maybe your main means of transportation. Make sure you insure it for all it’s worth to you and your family. Theft, vandalism, accidents… don’t let them spoil your day.

Contact your Florida insurance agency to find out more about golf cart insurance. You never know – you may need to have more coverage than you currently own. Your insurance agent will be able to help you with all your golf cart insurance needs.