Florida Motorcycle Statistics

Your Florida motorcycle insurance carrier wants you to be safe when you are out there on the road. They would like you to avoid filing an insurance claim just as much as you would. Taking safety precautions can help keep you safe. Here are some stats to take into consideration when you are out there enjoying your freedom on your bike:

Certain counties in Florida have higher rates of motorcycle fatalities than other counties. Miami-Dade, Pinellas, Volusia, Hillsborough, Palm Beach, Broward, Duval, Orange, Pasco, and Brevard counties had the largest number of recorded fatalities in 2010. These counties are known for a lot of motorcycle activity.

Certain factors play a role in determining the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities. Usually these factors include population and the proximity to motorcycle rallies. Makes sense to think that the more motorcycles there are in one area, the more motorcycle accidents could happen.

The Florida motorcycle helmet law was changed in 2000 to no longer make it necessary for riders over 18 to wear one. Since then, the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has increased by 21%. In 2010, 37% of motorcyclists involved in a fatal accident were not wearing a helmet. Between 2007 and 2010, 29% of motorcycle fatalities were related to traumatic brain injuries. So even though the helmet isn’t required, it might be a good idea to consider wearing one anyway.

Knowing these statistics may not change your attitude about wearing a helmet, but hopefully they will remind you to be safe out there on the road. Your Florida motorcycle insurance will have you covered if you get in an accident, but avoiding one altogether is definitely a better way to go. Keep yourself and all the other riders you share the road with safe from harm. Know your limitations, ride safely and avoid accidents.