Your First Auto Policy

If you’ve just gotten your first car, it is time to get yourself an auto insurance policy. Your Florida insurance agency will be ready to help you whether you’re in the market for a new policy or just renewing your old one. If it’s your first time purchasing, you might be a little nervous about talking with an agent. Don’t worry. Your Florida insurance agency is there to help ease your worries.

When you get there, your agent will most likely ask you a few basic questions. He will need to have some information in order to find you the best policy to fit your driving style. The first thing he will probably ask you is what type of car you’re planning on driving. How often and how far you will be driving is also a factor. If you plan on having anyone else drive the car, he will need to know that as well. He’ll ask where you live and who you live with. He’ll also ask for driving records of your household members and any other drivers.

Your agent will also ask more details about your car. Do you have any safety features like passive restraint systems? Air bags? Anti-lock brakes? An anti-theft system? Be sure to reveal all these items, because it could save you on your premium.

If you’ve taken any driver safety courses, you can also qualify for a discount. You may also qualify for a discount if you have good grades in school. (Another reason to keep those grades up!)

Talking with an agent at your trusted Florida insurance agency shouldn’t be a daunting task. Once you know the basics of what to expect, you can go in with all the information they will need to get you the correct policy. Drive safe and stay insured!