Fire Drills

When you think of the term “fire drill” you may automatically think back to grammar school when you had to walk single file out the school’s front door and line up with your class.  You may not think about having a fire drill at your office.  Well, you probably should.

Having fire drills is a great way to get your employees on the same page about fire safety.  If you company is in a building with other businesses, you may want to work together to figure out a fire drill for the entire building.  There should be evacuation routes posted all over the building for people to follow ion case of a fire.

Establish a few group leaders that will be in charge of certain groups.  An easy way to do that is to assign your managers the task of watching over the people they oversee in the office.  They can complete the fire drills as a team.  If your managers oversee a lot of people, have his break down his team into groups with their own group leaders.

Your employees should engage in fire drills on a regular basis so they know what to do if a real fire were to start in the building.  During the initial process, you can have a fire drill every two weeks to get the employees accustomed to the evacuations routes.  Offer different scenarios during the drills.  For example, one time block one of the evacuation exits to show employees the alternate routes available.

Once you’ve been doing the drills for a few months and you feel confident that your employees understand the procedure, you can lessen the amount of fire drill you have.  Every couple months should work just fine.  Make sure your employees are safe and know what to do during a fire at the office.