Buying Motorcycle Insurance

Having Florida motorcycle insurance is not a requirement by law. However, the state does make it almost impossible to ride your bike without it. If you do not have a specific motorcycle insurance policy, you must be covered under your auto insurance policy. But be forewarned, a lot of insurance carriers do not include motorcycle insurance on a standard auto policy. You will have to check with your carrier to see if you are covered before assuming it. If you are in an accident and do not have insurance coverage, you could be paying a lot out of your own pocket.

Not only do some auto carriers not cover motorcycle accidents, your regular health care policy will most likely exclude those types of accidents as well. Unless you specify when getting your health care insurance, you won’t be covered for any type of motor vehicle accident. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing insurance for your auto or motorcycle. Unless you have collision coverage, any damage to you or your motorcycle won’t be covered.

So while you are not required to carry Florida motorcycle insurance, you should really consider purchasing it. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. If you have no coverage you could face not only many medical bills for yourself or a third party, but you could face penalties from law enforcement as well. Make sure you have enough coverage to keep you financially stable if you have an accident.

Buying Florida motorcycle insurance is a piece of cake if you have the right insurance agent. Contact one today to get the proper insurance coverage for you and your motorcycle. Don’t worry whether or not you’ll be covered every time you go out for a ride. Get coverage for you and your bike and ride safely out there.