Fun Fact from your Florida Insurance Agency

As a trusted Florida Insurance agency, we sell a lot of auto insurance here at Dennis Insurance Agency, so we often see the terrifying effects of distracted driving.

Recently, there was an article by MSN Money about who is most likely to be a distracted driver, and you may be surprised by the bottom line. Want to learn more? Here are the facts from the article:

  • The amount of well educated and high income drivers who admit to swerving out of their lane is higher than the average
  • Drivers with a college degree are more likely to have slammed on their brakes due to driving distractions
  • More well educated and well off drivers have admitted to nearly getting into an accident because of distracted driving
  • Distracted driving is an increased reason for well off and high income driver’s accidents
  • More high income drivers than the average have been ticketed because of distracted driving

For more information, and to read more about distracted driving, we encourage you to read the article. It will only take a few minutes of your time, but is chock full of information!