7 Florida Renters Insurance Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Florida renters insurance. In order to clear up some of the confusion, here are explanations of the truth behind seven common renters insurance myths:

“Renters Insurance is only for people who are renting a house”:

Renters insurance will cover people who are renting homes, apartments, condos, and more!

“Renters insurance is too expensive for me”:

Renters insurance is actually surprisingly affordable!

“Renters insurance only covers cash damages”:

Renters policies can be actual cash value of lost items, or replacement value of items. What you have all depends on your policy.

“My landlord’s insurance will cover me”:

Nope! Your landlord’s policy covers the structure of the building you rent, but not your possessions or liability claims.

“My roommate has renters insurance… that will surely cover me!”:

Still no! Your roommate’s policy will only cover their possessions, not yours.

“I don’t need liability coverage”:

Are you ready and able to pay legal fees and settlements if someone were to sue you because of an injury sustained on your property? If not, you definitely need liability coverage.

“I don’t have much stuff, so I don’t need insurance”:

You might be surprised how much all your stuff is worth! Start to add up all the costs of your stuff, we’ll bet that the bottom line will be more than you expect!