Insuring Your Older Home

Do you have an older house in Florida that’s not in perfect condition? Maybe you’d like to do some remodeling or restoration in the future, but you’re not sure when this is going to happen? Many people with older houses find it difficult to get homeowner coverage because some companies are very picky. They won’t give you a policy, or they want extremely high premiums. However, when you find the right insurance agency, they’ll help you find affordable premiums and the kind of coverage you want and need. It’s important to check into this matter soon, especially if you have no coverage or limited coverage. If not, you could have problems like Bruce, in our example story.

Bruce and Jennifer lived in a lovely home in the Tampa area. However, over the years it needed some updating and repairs, and Bruce was going to upgrade things, but something always stopped him. He either had no time for the improvements, or there wasn’t enough money. As the years passed, their house developed a few problems, but it was still livable and was structurally sound.  However, the roof was 25 years old, and in Florida, that’s a long time for an asphalt shingle roof. In fact, the insurance company threatened to cancel his homeowner policy if he didn’t replace it soon.

Bruce wasn’t sure what to do because his wife Jennifer had been ill for some time and they had a lot of medical bills to pay. In fact, it would be almost impossible to get a loan for the repairs they needed. Bruce didn’t tell Jennifer because he didn’t want to upset her, but she knew something was wrong.

When Jennifer finally found out, she didn’t panic. Instead, she went online and checked into independent insurance agencies in the Tampa Bay area. She found an agency with a friendly and helpful agent. The couple met with the agent, and she helped them find an affordable policy. In fact, they didn’t even need a home inspection, and since the roof wasn’t leaking, it wasn’t a problem either. This helped to alleviate a great deal of stress from their lives.


What is Older Home Insurance?

Many people in Florida live in older homes, and it’s not easy to keep up a house these days. An older home policy is designed for houses that aren’t in perfect condition and may have older or outdated plumbing, electrical, roofing, or other features.


Who Qualifies for This Insurance?

If your home is at least 30 years old (or even 100 years old) and has a few issues, it may qualify. Although some insurance companies have strict requirements, when you go to an independent insurance agent, he or she can find you an insurer that may accept these things:

  • Outdated wiring – some older homes may have the old cloth insulated wiring, and some have aluminum (instead of copper) conductor wires. In many cases, this is acceptable.
  • Older roofing – very old roofs may be acceptable
  • Outdated plumbing – pex or polybutylene piping can cause plumbing issues, but it’s not usually a deal breaker.


More Things to Consider

When you choose the right company, it’s possible to enjoy low minimum insurance premiums, and you might not need a home inspection. You can also include liability and contents coverage. You can find policies offering replacement cost coverage too. This coverage will pay to replace your home if it’s destroyed by a covered hazard and it’s one of the most valuable coverage options you can receive.

Is your mortgage paid off? If so, you can find a policy offering basic coverage. This is the least expensive option if you want to assume some of the risks.

Is there foreclosure or short-sale issues to consider? In some cases, you can get coverage, and you don’t have to pay too much.


It’s All About Finding the Right Insurance Agency

If you need older home insurance in Florida, it may not be easy to find. Some companies may not want to talk to you, and that’s why it’s important to check with an independent insurance agency like Dennis Insurance Agency.

As a family owned business, our customers are the most important part of our business, and we are here to serve you in an honest and most efficient manner. Our staff is not paid on a commission basis, and we don’t try to sell you the most expensive policy or coverage that you don’t need.

Just because your home has a few issues, doesn’t mean you can’t find an affordable insurance policy. Our staff is here to answer all your insurance questions and go over all your needs. We do business with some of the top insurers in the country, and we check out all the insurance sources for you.

Don’t let your home go uninsured or pay too much for coverage. If you want a free quote for older home insurance, click this link now. You can also call us toll-free at 800-238-7556.