Tips on Motorcycle Safety!

Motorcycles are often perceived as dangerous vehicles to ride. They don’t need to be dangerous as long as you follow some easy safety tips and keep your Florida motorcycle insurance policy up to date. Here are some useful bits of info to always remember when taking your bike out for a spin:

  • The first time you take your bike out for the season, make sure it’s safe and ready for the road. Test all the lights, brakes, and turn signals. Check the fuel and oil levels. Look at the all the cables to make sure they’re intact. Check your mirrors. If you haven’t ridden in a while, maybe a rider-training course is a good idea. • Don’t skimp on your gear. Make sure your helmet fits properly and meets all the required DOT safety standards. If you don’t have a face shield, wear goggles or glasses with safety lenses. Wear shoes that will cover your ankles. If you’re wearing gloves, make sure they are non-slip. Also, there’s a reason you always see motorcycle riders wearing leather. It’s durable and great protection from road rash if you fall. • When you’re out on the bike, know your limits. Don’t try to show off. Safety first. Stick to the speed limit. Don’t tailgate. Be respectful of other drivers. Swerving in and out between cars is very unsafe. If you are in a driver’s blind spot, you are putting yourself and the driver at risk.

Finally, make sure your Florida motorcycle insurance policy has all the coverage you need in case an accident does occur. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for accidents to happen, but taking all these safety precautions should allow you to go out on the road feeling more safe and secure. Have a great time out there and stay safe!