Do You Have Flood Insurance In Florida? Collect the Supplies you’ll need after a Flood

Do you live in an area of Florida that is prone to flooding because of storm surges or as a result of waterways overflowing after heavy rain? The flood insurance Florida renters and homeowners purchase may provide compensation for damage and losses caused by flooding. Florida residents can take additional precautions by having supplies ready to help with cleaning up after a flood.

Disaster management experts recommend that each household prepare for cleaning up after a flood by keeping handy some essential items and supplies that might be hard to get in the aftermath of flooding.

  • Always keep credit cards, check book, your flood insurance policy and other important papers in a waterproof container in a safe place.
  • Store gasoline for pumps, electricity generators and boat engines safely.
  • Have supplies of chlorine bleach for use as a disinfectant.
  • Store hoses, garden sprayers, protective gloves and brooms. Fans and a wet/dry vacuum cleaner will be useful when power is restored.
  • Keep stocks of duct tape, polyethylene sheeting and plastic garbage bags to secure waste that may have to be stored for some days until you have a chance to dispose of it.
  • Use lidded buckets and plastic bags for human and pet waste, and keep a chemical camp toilet if possible.

Mopping up after a flood is never pleasant, but having essential supplies like these on hand will help you to get started on cleaning your home even before electricity and water supply have been restored. Before you start mopping up, use your cell phone camera to take some photos of your home and belongings that could be useful when you file your claim for flood insurance Florida compensation.